Very simply, the Design-and-Build approach means that Definitive AV Solutions provide clients with a one-stop, cost-efficient resource for all of their audio visual needs.

As a consultant, Definitive AV Solutions completely designs and specifies audio visual systems. As an experienced project manager, Definitive AV Solutions ensures all of the pieces are in place to deliver systems exactly as promised. As a certified installer, Definitive AV Solutions correctly and efficiently translates technology designs into fully functioning systems.

This comprehensive approach is unique in the world of audio visual systems and it’s what sets Definitive AV Solutions apart in our industry. System consultants are invested in concepts, not the actual project execution. Installers are often ill-prepared to deliver on a designer’s specs. The result: A project translation gap that means missed deadlines, unexpected compromises, systems that never seem to work right and, inevitably, extra expenses. Not with Definitive AV Solutions. Our team is invested in the client at every step with a start-to-finish approach that designs and delivers sophisticated systems on time, on budget and fully operable.

Definitive AV Solutions never forgets that we are working for you.

That single-minded dedication – from first design draft to switching on an installed system – is reflected for our clients in three key areas:

Expertise: Definitive AV Solutions is first and foremost an audio-visual technology consultant. Our system designers have years of experience installing sophisticated audio-visual frameworks for large enterprises. We stay on top of the latest technologies and maintain relationships with big and small vendors alike. Our unique design-and-build approach means we are always able to match the right equipment to the right job, because our designers know what works in the field, not just in theory.

Project Management: Because Definitive AV Solutions handles projects from design to installation, clients don’t have to worry about managing different vendors to deliver their audio-visual services. Definitive AV Solutions is the client’s on-site representative, working closely with architects, electricians, and other contractors. Our team of project managers, designers, engineers, project coordinators and installers works as one unit from start to finish. Systems are designed and staged at Definitive AV Solutions, and many components are delivered already assembled. The result is an error-free system delivered on time, on budget and with as little on-site disruption as possible.

Cost-Efficiency: Definitive AV Solutions comprehensive approach also means competitive pricing. We generate cost savings and efficiencies that design- and install-only contractors just can’t offer. With Definitive AV Solutions, you’re not paying a separate line-item cost for system design, for example, because our design is included in the actual engineering and delivery of your project. We create quality, forward-thinking systems with a cost-conscious vision that maximizes your investment today and five years down the line, emphasizing flexibility and scalability – not obscurity. Don’t underestimate the costs of poorly designed systems, ill-matched equipment, and delays and downtime.

Definitive AV Solutions design-and-build approach offers an unmatched level of knowledge, process and efficiency.

But more than anything, Definitive AV Solutions clients tell us that it means one thing for them: peace of mind. Because we are with you at every step, Definitive AV Solutions offers a level of accountability and reliability that just can’t be found in our industry. Simply put, Definitive AV Solutions means expertise, comprehensive project management and sophisticated audio-visual at cost-effective prices. Why look anywhere else?

As experienced AV installers we can bring that expertise to help all your audio or visual needs, from design and installation to valuable after-service if needed.

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