Access Control

Access Control Systems in Reading, Berkshire

A proper access control system in Reading, Berkshire can provide you with improvements to your home security and monitoring. With the inclusion of security systems like access control, you will be able to offer quality safeguards for your home and for the future of your business.

Access control ensures you can have proper management and verification for those that are entering and leaving your business. We can offer everything from a site wide access control system to items that can incorporate comprehensive data about entry and exit controls. We can install systems that will provide verification on users requesting access and lead to improved convenience for staff members or family members.

Whether you are interested in enjoying greater privacy at home, or you would like to retain better controls for your business, we can make sure that the correct systems are installed to provide added security and access control for the future of your company. We want to improve convenience for your staff members and make sure that you can prevent unauthorized access throughout the entire facility.

Our team will balance your budget for access control and ensure that you are getting tamper proof systems. We want to offer solutions that will be tamper proof, convenient to access and extremely safe for every staff member. With our help, we can ensure that these systems can be set up to allow access at the ideal time frame for specific users as well as monitor when staff access after hours.

Whether you would like to use access control with keycard systems or you are interested in access control with door pins, we can make sure that you get the ideal option for keeping your premises secure.

Contact our staff in Reading and Berkshire for all of your access control solutions.

Access control technology ensures the security of your home while providing easy access for approved visitors. If you have an automation system in your home you can take it a step further and set commands to respond when you open the door. Imagine – lights go on, music begins and temperature rises automatically as you enter your home. Talk to your systems designer about the security and convenience features of access control systems.

In today’s society access control systems are a valuable way of controlling and monitoring access to your premises.

There are a wide variety of types of access control systems we can install and maintain including gate and door access systems. These range from video entry, key fob access, swipe card, biometric (fingerprint) also keypads. All of these can be pc based, networked or even standalone. We can install and maintain all sizes of system even down to the supply of end user products i.e. swipe cards, fobs etc.

Access systems can combine more than one type of access together so you can have a situation where an individual has to use a keypad as well as swipe their card to gain access or even include a fingerprint system for total security.

Based in Reading we provide our access design and installation service across the South East region including Newbury, Wokingham, Woodley, Henley, Pangbourne, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Ascot, Windsor and London.

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