SONOS vs. Bang and Olufsen Multi Room Audio Installation

SONOS vs. Bang and Olufsen Multi Room Audio Installation

Just imagine sitting in your TV lounge listening to your favourite music or watching your favourite movie with the feeling of actually listening to it live.

That is exactly what good quality audio systems do for you; they make you live the moment as if you were present in the arena yourself.

Be it the soft sound of nature with the waterfall dropping or the stream running; you’ll feel as if it’s all happening around you. Or maybe imagine watching the famous shoot out scene from your favourite movie with the sound quality making you feel as if you were right in the middle of the action.

Finding the right audio system for your home is very important, and thus, we have shortlisted two of the highest quality companies for these, which will even suffice in your tight budget.


SONOS is a world-renowned company and a Hi-Fi audio system producer based in California. The best part about this device is how it compiles all your music into one simple app that you can access from any part of your house.

Secondly, the SONOS has quite a few products, designed to suit every part of your house to make the surround system perfect. Be it the small SONOS PLAY: 1 or the PLAYBAR for your TV, the American based company, has it all.

The wireless connectivity capabilities of these devices allow you to control your devices through just your smartphone or tablet and you won’t have to move an inch to upper or lower the voice or power the speaker on or off. You can even group the rooms if you want to throw a party while your parents are away!

The devices are compatible with many apps such as Spotify so you can stream your favourite music and relax on your day off from work. The PLAY:1 costing £149 is a bargain considering the number of features it provides you with. If you’re looking for a compact, simple and not too high-end speaker, then look no further.

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Bang and Olufsen

This is a high-end Danish company providing us with their luxurious speakers and products since almost a century. They produce televisions and speakers and have made a name for themselves all around the world as one of the posh manufacturers of these goods.

Their flagship device the BeoLab 50 will certainly raise some eyebrows. The device will provide you with the most crystal clear and complete sound performance, and it comes with a unique set of innovative controls.

The device connects through its app to your smart device, giving you full control over the speaker. Furthermore, it comes with the rare technology of being able to connect with the television of the same manufacturers to make sure any movie or sport you watch will give you an amazing experience and full value for money.

The speaker comes with an innovative movable audio lens, delivering the best sound according to the position of the audience. The cheeks of the lens will contract and expand according to the quality and quantity of audio required.

The Active Room Compensation technology creates the perfect audio need for your environment and adjusts sound accordingly. This tailored need for you and your home gives you the superior sound quality you deserve.

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